Who is LD Gems?

LD Gems buys and sells diamonds

LD Gems is one of the leading recycling diamond companies. Recycled diamonds are diamonds removed from jewellery, sorted, recut and then sold back to the industry for use in manufacturing new jewellery. The majority of our business is based on recycling such diamonds which individually have no value but when collected in a sufficient quantity they can be sorted and recut to be used in jewellery.

We buy from jewellery manufacturers, retailers and pawnbrokers. Further we sell these diamonds to the industry and jewellery manufacturers in Asia trying to maximize the value of these goods.

Worldwide Offices

LD Gems BVBA is an international diamond trader. There are several ways to work with us. Send items to us for inclusion in sales events or purchase directly.

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We are available in India, Hong-Kong and Antwerp for all your questions. Just give us a call, or send us an email and we will arrange an appointment with you.

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With our head office based in the Hoveniersstraat in Antwerp, a regional office in Mumbai and buyers all across Europe we try to give the best possible prices and services to all our customers.

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LD Gems along with its professional team operates across the whole of Europe offering simple and quick service in order to maximize the value of the customer's recycled diamond stock. We will pay you the best price.

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If you have a question about selling your diamonds or if you want to buy diamonds from us don't hesitate to call or use our contact form. We will contact you as soon as we can.
Call us on: +32 (0) 488 413 229